Sir Robert McAlpine & BL Harbert

American Embassy

Architect: KieranTimberlake Architects

The United States are building a new American Embassy in London. This is a major iconic landmark 12 storey building that is situated less than 1 mile upstream from the House of Parliament.

In geometry, the Embassy represent a cube like construction, built from structurally glazed elevations, open plan internal space and a surrounding lake to the ground floor external space.

Main Roof construction comprises 4,000m2 of Alumasc Hydrotech waterproofing system applied to a structural concrete topping to falls, structural drainage course, Aumasc 160mm XPS insulation achieving thermal resistance of R30 mm and filter sheet. Hanover glacier white paving (shipped from Baltimore in the US) will be provided as roof finishes.

Alltech will provide stainless steel structural standing seam system to clad hatches, cooling towers and overruns roofs.

Sika Bacons pedestrian walkway system (polyurethane waterproofing) will be provided to 2,000 m2 of pedestrian trafficked areas throughout various levels of the project. Alltech are also providing cementitous Vandex Super tanking to concrete water tanks and effluent tanks on lower levels. 

Podium waterproofing: Alltech Roofing are partnering with P.J. Careys Ltd to provide 11,000 m2 of Hydrotech waterproofing and root barrier Hydrogard 40 throughout the entire podium area.