Single Ply Systems

High Perfromance Single Ply Systems

Polymeric single ply systems offer an immediate benefit of fast and efficient installation. Single ply brings many advantages including its versatility and flexibility to be applied to any bespoke roof shape and design. Whilst it is robust and durable making it a popular choice with specifiers and contractors, it is also recyclable. In addition, throughout the manufacturing or installation process there are no hazardous substances released.

Single ply is installed in strict accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions and specific calculations are carried out by the manufacturer to ensure U Values, wind loadings and a fully weather tight system is successful. The membrane is fused together using hot air solvent welding technique which is fast and eliminates the requirement for hot works.
Laps and details can be either fully bonded using an adhesive to the substrate, loose laid, heat welded at laps and penetrations or mechanically fastened.