Alltechs disciplines are:

  • Full estimating service.
  • Cost management service in tailoring a solution around a specific budget and design intent.
  • Full project management service.
  • Thermal efficiencies and U Value calculations - W/m2K for specific roof design.
  • Acoustic calculations and information for sound absorption requirements.
  • Full design and CAD service.
  • Flow rate calculations and roof drainage efficiency.
  • Tailoring roof design around BREEAM and in accordance with the 'code for sustainable homes' requirements.
  • Procurement of materials and products in accordance with sustainable sourcing and the BRE Green guide.
  • Electronic testing to each roof area before handover.
  • Can be logistically self sufficient including working platforms, hoisting and cranage, access
  • Ensure Part L Air tightness on a project in conjunction to achieving a complete water tight solution.


  • Hydrotech hot melt inverted roofing system achieving a 25 year warranty.
  • Liquid Plastics cold inverted roofing system achieving a 25 year warranty.
  • Felt and single ply warm roofing.
  • Tanking systems for plaza decks, podiums and car parks.
  • Intensive and extensive green roofing, bio-diverse - brown roofing
  • Bespoke roof finishes and roof garden design to enhance flora, fauna, eco systems and aesthetics. Inclusive of hardwood/softwood/composite timber deck (FSC certified), pre-fabricated units, preformed timber planters, intensive green roofs, tiles, pavings, shingles and ballasts.
  • Flashings, trims, cappings, bespoke PPC cladding, composite cladding.
  • Structurally glazed/polycarbonate rooflights (around acoustic, light transmission and thermal efficiency requirements).
  • Mansafe systems, Abseil systems, CAT ladders, bridge ladders, freestanding/folding guardrail systems, threshold grills, Expamet and KeySafety walkway systems.
  • Access hatches, Automatic Opening Vents and Windcatchers.
  • Metal standing seam systems.